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Keeping your carpeting clean can benefit your home in many ways. The staff at All Clean Carpet Cleaning want you to know that even though you vacuum your carpet regularly, to properly clean those fibers deep down, you should work with a professional carpet cleaning company. The biggest reason is that your vacuum does not have the suction power to remove all the dirt, debris, soil, and bacteria that is trapped deep down in the carpet. When those bacteria and mold spores are left behind in that warm and dark environment, they can breed very easily.

All Clean Carpet Cleaning will bring in their scrubbing machines to loosen any contaminants that were brought into the home by the way of shoe traffic. Many times that debris that sticks to the carpet fibers acts like small pieces of sandpaper, and as you walk over that area the debris wears away at the integrity and strength of the carpet fibers. This is what gives the carpeting worn areas. All Clean Carpet Cleaning will gently scrub your carpet so all those fibers are clean, and then using special industrial vacuums, we will remove all the contaminants within your carpet quickly and efficiently.

Once all the pet hair, allergens, bacteria, mold, and soil have been removed, All Clean Carpet Cleaning can put down a protectant on to the carpeting to make it easier for you to keep clean. This protective barrier will allow you to clean up spills and debris before they can seep down into the carpeting.