Teflon / Scotchgard Coating (DuPont Certified)

Teflon / Scotchgard Coating Visalia CA 559-625-5100The furniture in your home is constantly under attack from spills, bacteria, and odors. At All Clean Carpet Cleaning we understand that you spent quite a bit of money on your furniture, and you expect that furniture to last for many years. The biggest problem though is contaminants find their way into those upholstery fibers and begin to wear away at the integrity of the furniture. Most people spend time vacuuming their carpets, but only clean the furniture when a spill occurs.

At All Clean Carpet Cleaning we have the experience to clean your upholstery deep down to remove all that bacteria and debris that has found its way deep into the fabric. When allergens and bacteria remain in your furniture, it can be a problem for family members who suffer from allergies. The mold and bacteria thrive in the dark and warm sections of your furniture, and left untreated can do more than damage the furniture.

Contaminants can cause discoloration and odors, which are more obvious to your guests than your family. Our expert team at All Clean Carpet Cleaning can deep clean the furniture to remove all the debris, odors, and soil. Once it is clean, we offer an additional protection option called Scotchgard coating to all your furniture when requested, additional fees apply. The Scotchgard is applied by our qualified staff, and will help to contaminants from penetrating your furniture’s fibers. In the event of a spill on your upholstery, the protectant will give you more time to clean off the surface before the spill can penetrate into the fibers deep down.